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Are you worried about your business going down? Has your business been performing poorly lately? Are you operating your company from a distance or Diaspora? Are you looking for a company that can manage your business in Nairobi, Kenya? Brites Management Services Ltd. is the best Business Management Company in Nairobi, Kenya. Our team of experts will strategically put your business back on track of profitability.


  1. Strategic Planning

The ever changing business environment can come with sizable risks of business growth. When business plans fail to materialize, companies need to take a fresh look, not only at the implementation plan, but also at reviewing and redesigning afresh the original business strategy.

Brites Management Services addresses the following key areas in strategic business planning:

  • Understand the strategic planning matrix of the business
  • Identify the steps to break out of an old paradigm
  • Explore culture and applied strategic planning
  • Conduct a strategic Planning Needs Assessment
  • Perform a stakeholder analysis
  • Formulate a mission statement
  • Build a foundation using business modeling
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis
  • Conduct a gap analysis to identify low performance
  • Integrate action plans
  • Conduct contingency planning 

We work with the Management team to analyze the implementation gaps and revisit the original business strategy.

  1. Business Process Management

We believe that business operations run efficiently, if the underlying processes and governing policies are aligned to the company’s goals and objectives. We study the company carefully so as to design processes and deploy resources.

Brites will help your company to analyze the efficacy of existing processes and its relevance to today’s changing needs and future growth. Through a set of services we provide assistance to the management to design efficient processes and install effective procedures.

  1. After the above two comprehensive analysis we then implement on the following:
  • Advice on bridging the existing gaps
  • Depending on the client’s needs; take up the total management of the business
  • Undertake performance management on existing staff
  • Advise on recovering outstanding debts
  • Reduce/rearrange expenses and working on the pricing
  • Advise on recruiting skilled employees
  • Salary review
  • Staff training and motivation
  • Restructuring/ Downsizing
  • Business development plans- implement new sales and marketing strategies
  • Advise on workable processes, systems or resources
  • Advise on other matters like location, feasibility study, product change etc.


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