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Compensation and Salary Survey

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Brites Management Services Ltd. is one of the leading compensation and salary survey companies in Kenya. According to the needs of our clients, we design and conduct salary surveys and advise accordingly. We are also able to project and conduct analysis through research; compensation scheme and advice how much a position is worth and how much it should be paid. We also have a database of published compensation survey data from which we can draw competitive pay information.

Brites Management conducts Salary surveys with numerous employers to determine pay levels for specific job categories and we generally conduct survey either based on region, sector, job classification or industries for the purposes of comparability. Salary surveys provide useful information to attract, support and retain employees within the context of an overall HR and organizational plan. We are also able to provide useful benchmarking information for comparing salaries and benefits.

Are you looking for an effective and accurate company in Nairobi, Kenya to conduct your salary survey so as to ensure that your compensation practices are, competitive or within the market rates? At Brites Management, we undertake a thorough and comprehensive survey. We focus on cash compensation practices – base salaries, incentive compensation, commissions, bonus arrangements, etc. and also benefit and perquisite practices. A comprehensive report is presented to the client in the shortest time possible.


  • Helps in understanding the fit of the jobs and the jobs weight factor in driving    the overall business strategy
  • Helps in aligning the business functions and the jobs to the business mission, vision and the overall strategy
  • Assesses job specifications with the objective of gaining an understanding of fitness and alignment in the organization structure
  • Produces a fair pay system and benefits that enhances employees motivation and retention
  • Communicates the business organization as an equal opportunity employer in the market and the overall industry
  • Builds on the organizations conformity to the market and the overall industry employee remuneration trends and standards
  • Communicates the organizations drive in upholding and recognizing employee efforts in driving the business strategy


  • Builds and enhances employee self esteem
  • Helps employees in building a culture of belonging
  • Staff motivation
  • Benefits and incentives
  • Non-monetary benefits
  • Improved performance
  • Enhances increased productivity
  • Communicates the employees fit in the overall business strategic plan






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