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Performance Management

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Brites Management Services Ltd. is one of the leading Consultancy companies in Kenya offering the best performance Management services to companies. We have a team of qualified staff with excellent management skills in Performance Management and indeed Total Human Resources Management. Our experience in Performance Management and the professionalism with which we serve our clients will assist your company meet your goals and objectives. Our team will undertake to conduct an end to end performance management activity or a stand-alone performance appraisal, setting KPI’s or Balanced Score Cards.

Benefits of Performance Management to the Business Organization

  • Enhances employees understanding on the corporate strategy and their individual contribution in driving the strategy
  • Provides basis for cascading strategic plans into business functions and individual employee performance plans
  • Helps to set KPI’s and standards for employee performance
  • Promotes a climate of communication, involvement and participation among employees and their managers
  • Facilitates a smooth performance appraisal and employees development process
  • Enhances an objective environment for succession planning
  • Provides objective grounds for fostering an employee reward system/benefits/salary reviews
  • Provides basis for employee retention 

Benefits to the Employees

  • Enhances communication and involvement between managers and their subordinates
  • Provides basis for continuous self-performance assessment
  • Gets employees understand their individual contribution in driving the business strategic plan
  • Enhances understanding on the performance areas that needs support from ones immediate supervisor
  • Helps employees to understand set performance standards
  • Gets the employee to become managers of their own performance
  • Provides basis for a smooth and objective performance appraisal/evaluation process
  • Provides an environment for minimal employee supervision

Why you should consider Brites Management as the best company that offers Performance Management services in Nairobi, Kenya is because we have experts who will identify the performance gaps in your company and assist your organization in designing a streamlined, straightforward and tailored performance management system that considers your strategic goals and objectives. The starting point would be setting a performance management policy and set performance standards for the employees.

We then facilitate the development of core organizational competencies, influence SMART goal setting, and clearly articulate expectations in order to have a measurable results-oriented tool for effective implementation. The PM activities may include the following:

  • Performance policy
  • Setting SMART objectives and performance Standards
  • Job Analysis
  • Job descriptions
  • Job grading
  • Setting individual Key Performance Indicators
  • Appraisal tools and process
  • Balanced score card
  • Determining training gaps
  • Advise on reward and remuneration strategy
  • Monitor and evaluate progress
  • Feedback




  • We  come up with job grades or bands by identifying jobs performing similar roles and grouping them together e.g. management roles
  • Job analysis and evaluation will be undertaken by looking at the roles, skills, abilities, knowledge, experience needed and qualifications of the job holders
  • Job inter-relationships
  • Salary survey with competitors- market rates
  • Advise on pay scales


  • Using the JDs and Job specifications we are able to set measurable value of each employee to demonstrate how they are meeting their targets and key business objectives
  • Setting individual employees’ Key Performance Indicators will help in meeting the set targets    
  • Employee's expected performance standards and goals as well as skills improvement will be set
  • KPIs that will tie into the overall business objectives are set
  • Measuring areas that will influence the success of the business
  • Indicate areas requiring further action or training
  • Measuring and reviewing KPIs


  • Brites will formulate new appraisal forms or revise the existing ones
  • The Appraisal form will be formulated to review the overall staff performance
  • Developing the appraisal form that is customized to the company’s operations
  • The form will point out- work performance (technical skills), general performance, personal attributes etc.
  • We take the Management team and the employees through the appraisal form bit by bit
  • Together with the HR/Team leader will have a forum to discuss and evaluate individual employees’ performance
  • Identify what skills may be lacking and need to be acquired or improved upon
  • Employees’ strengths and weaknesses will be brought out
  • Advise on improvement in duty performance
  • Setting objectives for the next review period
  • Recommend the next steps e.g. training/ promotion/ demotion / reward etc.


  • Performance management is only complete when feedback is given. We give a comprehensive report with recommendations and what needs to be improved. We undertake monitoring and evaluation of the process.

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