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Brites Management Services Ltd. is one of the best leading Recruitment Agencies in Kenya.  We provide a range of Recruitment Services, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We are experts in sourcing for local and international talents.    

We work closely with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their specific recruitment challenges and goals so as to deliver the best possible recruitment services. We source for the most suitable candidates for the vacant roles.

We have offered the best recruitment services in Nairobi-Kenya, Africa and to clients as diverse as Middle East and all corners of the world.  We have a database of well pre-screened candidates in different professional fields, who are ready to start work within a short notice.

The reason you should consider us as the best recruitment company in Nairobi, Kenya is that we are a “same day service provider’ we value feedback and constant communication with our clients. We establish a trust-based relationship with our clients, and then work hand-in-hand with them to implement their requirements.

Our Recruitment Services Include:-

Contingent Recruitment- Given our database which is rich with good talents, we endeavor to fill each position as it comes and payment is made only after the position is filled and the candidate has reported to work. We undertake an end to end recruitment process to include shortlisting, interviewing, administering skills tests, background checks and referees’ checks.

Executive Search- Headhunting- We have head-hunted the best talents in Kenya for C-level positions and below and you can consider us as the best headhunting company in Nairobi, Kenya given our experience and expertise. Our experts will identify the candidates, appeal to them and bring them onboard. We conduct preliminary reference checks on a candidate before presenting them to the client.

Mass Recruitment- We have undertaken major recruitment projects in Kenya and acting as recruitment agency for Middle East and other African companies. We possess the tools and capacity required to attract and process a significant number of recruits selected from our own internal database of prequalified candidates. We have the capacity to hire a large number of employees within a very short period of time and deliver quality, skilled and experienced talents.

Contracting- Are you looking for short term contracted employees in Nairobi, Kenya? Brites will undertake short term recruitment assignments. We have a rich database of data entry clerks, Administration staffs, drivers, riders, cleaners, office messengers etc.

Labour Outsourcing: Brites Management Services is the leading best labour/ casual outsourcing company in Nairobi, Kenya. We are a team of qualified HR professionals with excellent management skills in Outsourced Labour force Management. Our experience in Outsourced Labour force Management and the commitment with which we serve our clients will assist the clients meet their goals and objectives as they concentrate on their core business and leave the management of casuals to us.

Psychometric Testing and Analysis: If you are looking for Psychometric Testing in Nairobi, Kenya- we have partnered with some International companies to provide Psychometric Testing and Analysis. The system is based on theories of human behavioral characteristics and the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) to give an insight into the subject’s behavioral style at work along with assessments of their strengths, limitations and true potential. This is a validated, positive and non-critical behavioral analysis of a person in a work environment and provides a standardized method of comparing candidates against their peers.

Why Brites Management Services?


  • We are the best Recruitment Agency in Kenya
  • We offer same day services
  • We value the needs of our clients
  • We have a very rich database of qualified professionals of all levels; whom we have already pre-screened
  • We undertake a background check on candidates and ensure they have a police clearance certificate
  • We are efficient, accurate and solution-finding
  • We don’t ask for facilitation fee prior to the service provision  
  • If, after employment or during probation period, the selected candidate is found to be unsuitable, we always find a replacement at no extra cost.                                              

Technical Scope

Technical Scope

Brites Management Services is your Partner in Recruitment and HR Consultancy. We source for the most suitable candidates for vacant roles. We offer HR Services like HR Consultancy, Payroll more

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