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Staff Training

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Investment in Staff training is a key business decision which enables the maximization of returns through sustained growth. Keeping this in view, we at Brites Management Services Limited have been actively involved in developing and delivering trainings customized to meet our client’s requirements. If looking for the best training company in Nairobi, Kenya; look no further, we are here.

With the modern dynamic work environment today, upgrading of skills is not only crucial to employees but also to the company. Our team of certified trainers conducts a thorough Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to come up with the skills gaps in the job performance of the employees and therefore advises on the Training areas. We usually customize the trainings according to the needs of our client. 

We also join hands with our client to devise a comprehensive Training Strategy for your organization, starting with TNAs, a training implementation plan as well as a Post-Training Effectiveness Evaluation. Such a strategy will enable you to focus on Employee Development in a structured and planned manner, with a focus on maximizing return on training investment.          


As the best Training and Development Company in Nairobi, Kenya; we give you a proposal to train your employees and support why it is important to train your staff.

  • Motivation: Trained employees are happy and motivated. They feel well supported and adequate. Training will help motivate staff, uplifting their morale and this will impact positively to the company by improving performance and productivity and saving the company time and money.
  • Improved performance: Trained employees will have their skills sharpened and therefore their performance will improve immensely. Training ensures that staff can transfer skills to the job and thereby providing a significant return on the training investment for the organization.
  • Customer Retention: Training employees make them efficient in handling customers. There is customer retention as a result of excellent customer service and lasting customer relationship is built.
  • Improved Skills: Constant training helps to upgrade the skills of employees and make them to move with the modern work dynamics.
  • Less supervision- A well trained employee will be well acquainted with the job and will need less supervision. Thus, there will be less wastage of time and efforts.
  • Fewer accidents- Errors are likely to occur if the employees lack knowledge and skills required for doing a particular job. The more trained an employee is, the less are the chances of committing accidents in job and the more proficient the employee becomes.
  • Chances of promotion- Employees acquire skills and efficiency during training. They become more eligible for promotion. They become an asset to the organization.
  • Increased productivity- Training improves efficiency and productivity of employees. Well trained employees show both quantity and quality performance. There is less wastage of time, money and resources if employees are properly trained

Our training and development methodology include:

  • Participatory - Group discussions
  • Facilitating not lecturing
  • Syndicate exercises and case studies
  • Simulations
  • Action planning
  • Hand outs
  • Relevant Video clips.


The reason you should consider Brites as one of the best training companies in Nairobi, Kenya it’s because we value feedback after training the employees. Feedback is usually a two-way communication process.

Employee feedback: We ask the participants to rate the training and the trainers after the training session. This helps us to rate our own success and to conduct a post –training effectiveness evaluation.

Training Feedback:  Our trainers will give feedback on tests undertaken and rate the employees. They also give a report on effectiveness of the training and whether the training objectives were achieved. We also do a follow up on whether employees are able to apply the skills imparted.

Our Training areas include but not limited to:

  • Sales and Marketing Dynamics- Modern Techniques
  • Customer Service
  • Communication and Interpersonal relations with Customers
  • Presentation Skills
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Performance Management
  • Self- Motivation/ Motivating Staff
  • Leadership Skills
  • Work-Life balance
  • Stress Management
  • Social Media Marketing/ Digital Marketing
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management
  • Networking
  • Social Media at Work place

Technical Training

Our team of DOSH Certified trainers with several years’ experience and Technical skills will train your employees in the following areas:

  • First Aid Training
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Disaster Management and Preparedness
  • Employee Counseling: We have an experienced professional in Work place counseling.

Advantage: We issue Certificate of participation for any training undertaken.

If looking for the best training company in Nairobi, Kenya; look no further and consider working with us.

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